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Lip Brushes


Make focus on the lips

Properly painted lips can become the main focus of daily and evening makeup. Many girls are absolutely sure that professional lip brush designed exclusively for the creation of a professional make-up but for personal use enough standard lipstick or lip gloss. You will be surprised how much can change lip brush KODI PROFESSIONAL the shape and volume of your lips. Even thin lips can transform correctly combining several shades of lipstick, and using high-quality lips brushes.

Features of lips brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL

If you use conventional lipstick of one shade, you will simply cover the surface of the lips a solid color paint layer, without emphasizing their beauty and personality. Unlike lipstick, lip brush KODI PROFESSIONAL differ their configuration and bristle form, designed for creating a wide variety of effects:

  • Round lips brushes are used to apply a transparent pastel tones and gloss. Due to the absence of clear lines, lips will seem more voluminous.
  • Sharp brushes are ideal for drawing a clear path along the edge of the lips with the help of lipstick. You can visually enlarge the lips, having a little above the contour of the lips own borders.
  • Flat shaded lipstick brush across the surface of the lips, carefully filling all the flaws and micro cracks for a more uniform and stable color. Also, this form of brushes used for the application of highlights over lipstick to create a visual relief.


Lip brush KODI PROFESSIONAL convenient and easy to use, making the creation of a professional make-up in the creative process without restrictions. Today there are a solid assortment of various options for the lips brush. However, in order to buy a really high qualified and suitable lips brush for you in Cyprus, you need to know exactly how you will use it.

Some advantages of lips brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL:

  • Our company uses hypo-allergenic bristle of sable for the manufacture of lips brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL. This material gently and carefully in contact with the delicate lip skin without causing micro irritation.
  • Each brush is made up of high quality materials: solid plastic handle is equipped with a metal capsule, which secured the thick sable bristles. Due to the special manufacturing technology KODI PROFESSIONAL brushes will last a long time with proper care.
  • Lips Brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL suitable for use in a beauty salon, and daily personal use. Depending on the model, the brush can be retractable or foldout package, so it is easy to carry in a purse.
  • The special shape of lips brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL material consumes much more economically, and your makeup is protected from contact with germs.
  • Affordable price.

How to order a lip brush KODI PROFESSIONAL

The most convenient way to order - online shopping in our online store. If you are undecided and want to buy a lip brush in Larnaca or abroad, you just need to make a payment for the goods at the Company's website and re-order to the convenient address for you. Shipping cost will depend on your location and purchase volume.

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