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Eyeshadow brushes


Eyeshadow Brushes for KODI PROFESSIONAL - an indispensable tool for creating professional make-up

Spectacular deep look - the most powerful and attractive weapon of female beauty. Professional make-up is able to make the eyes brighter, more expressive and can completely transform them. To create the perfect make-up, you will need:

  • quality cosmetics;
  • high-quality eyeshadows brush KODI PROFESSIONAL;
  • skills of make-up creation.

Even with the disposal of professional cosmetics, it is quite difficult to make a smooth, soft transitions of color, contrast, shadows and shading lines without quality tools. To achieve the desired result, you can buy a brush for a make-up in Larnaca, and abroad from the Kodi company whose prices will pleasantly surprise you. The quality of our products has been tested and appreciated by many professionals in the field of make-up. Eyeshadows brushes for KODI PROFESSIONAL can uniformly apply the shade and shade different texture, highlighting the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes form.

How to choose a suitable eyeshadow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL

Today, you can find a variety of options for make-up brushes from different manufacturers. Of course, to you can quickly buy a brush for eyeshadow shading in Larnaca and abroad, the main thing - to fit you to your destination and properties. If you don’t want to make a mistake, the best place your order is our online store, focusing on the recommendations of Kodi experts. Each eyeshadow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL has its own individual shape, size and length of bristke for creating a particular visual effect:

  • For smooth colors transition intended brush for eyeshadow shading KODI PROFESSIONAL. It is more voluminous, silky and made of natural sterilized sable bristle, which is delicately shaded shadows of different textures: liquid, creamy baked. You can buy a brush for shading shadows in Cyprus or abroad with a different form of the bristle: a flat, beveled or oval. Depending on the design, this brush can be used not only for the eyes but also for the application of light or shadow under the brow tinting focus on the face.
  • For pencil shading, allowing for a denser texture of the material, it taken more rigid brush of nylon bristle. Therefore, if you want to buy a brush for shading pencil in Cyprus or abroad, you can see the information about it on our website. Kodi company offers high-quality brush with robust durable fastening of bristle and comfortable long handles for a more comfortable work.
  • To apply the base color used broad, flat shadow brushes for KODI PROFESSIONAL of larger size with natural sable bristles. They are quite resilient, so shadows are applied uniformly. With their help, you can easily apply several layers of different texture shadows.
  • To create glare. A little smaller shadows brushes, and the same shape as the brush for primary color is used to apply light reflections on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Also, they can be neatly set off the lower eyelid.
  • To draw a clear path through the eyelid and the shooter used a narrow, pointed eyeliner brush KODI PROFESSIONAL with a short nap and a special curvature of the working part of the capsule. Most often, to draw fine lines using a synthetic brush with nylon bristles, which retains its rigidity during operation. Beveled shadows brush of elastic goat bristle is ideal for creating thicker arrows using shadows or gel eyeliner. But the thick, pointed shadow brushes, you cannot just put a clear outline, but also a little shade on his eyelid.

Not even a novice professional makeup master can easily create stunning make-up using eyeshadow brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL in the complex. For example, the beveled eyeliner brush and makeup shading brush paired provide spectacular "smoky-eyes", which is difficult to make an ordinary pencil and shadows.

Order eyeshadow brushes for KODI PROFESSIONAL in our online store

Numerous reviews of our customers will also help you to choose and buy eyeliner brush in Kyiv or abroad that meets your requirements. After reviewing the wide range of quality tools makeup KODI PROFESSIONAL, you can buy eyeshadow brush in Kyiv or order them abroad, at an affordable price on our website. When ordering, delivery terms are discussed with the consultant on the telephone number listed on the Company's website.

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