Stencil for henna

Stencils for applying henna

Women are very fond of decorating their bodies with all sorts of rings, necklaces and beads. Sometimes in the pursuit of perfection, they resort to the use of painful methods such as piercing and tattooing, justifying this by saying that " I can suffer for the beauty." We are glad to inform you that there is no need to be «tolerate". You can decorate your body with the help of temporary tattoos with henna, as the basis.


Body painting using henna (mehndi or mehindi) appeared more than 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Over time, this tradition of painting spread and entrenched in India and other eastern countries. Since the 12th century, Indian women paint henna their body, and do not do it just for the sake of beauty. They put sacred meaning in their work, and believe that certain patterns and pattern elements protect from evil, disease, failures. There are entire rites henna painting, for example, before marriage.

In Cyprus, this the art of henna painting is not so long ago, but every year intensively developing. And even though, according to our tradition of special importance for these mysterious figures is not provided, properly made murals decorate and improve the female body.

Art and technology

Beautifully executed drawing - it is half of the success of temporary tattoos. This tattoo even difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Each drawing is created individually according to customer's request, it all depends on the hands of the master and his creative abilities, but now everything is much easier. You can make a temporary henna tattoo, even at home. You will need to buy the necessary supplies (henna, brushes, oil) and a stencil for applying henna, and "decoration" of the henna will delight you with up to two weeks (with proper care).

How to choose a stencil for henna painting

Henna - this is a temporary decoration. It is actively used in the summer season, because on the beach, you can show off the excellent performance pattern, or create an unparalleled image for a beach party.

On Kodi Professional site presented completely different types of stencils:

  1. Vegetable elements.
  2. Floral elements.
  3. Animals.
  4. Abstract paintings.

They can be used separately from each other, so it is possible to link several small one complete picture (if necessary). The range of stencils for henna tattoos is constantly updated, and each time you can choose a radically different figure.

How to use

The stencil is attached to the selected area of ​​the body, and it is applied henna to painting. After drawing dries, remove the stencil, remove the remnants of henna and treated skin area with the already printed pattern, oil. Manipulation of oil make to extend the life of the tattoo.

The plus of using a stencil for applying temporary tattoos:

  1. Straight edge pattern.
  2. Symmetry image (if necessary).
  3. The minimum time spent.
  4. Ability to use at home.

Do not be afraid to experiment, express yourself using temporary tattoos.

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