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Eyebrows brushes


The secret of the female beauty face lies in the overall harmony of all its elements. Eyebrows are the main stylistic line of the face and, often, their shape and color can dramatically change the image as a whole. Eyebrows brush KODI PROFESSIONAL - it is convenient and practical alternative to the usual eyebrow pencil. Indeed, rather strict requirements put forward drawing and decorating the eyebrows:

  • Perfect eyebrows should not be allocated on the face of a bright color, to avoid unnatural colors contrast between natural and artificial shade inappropriate.
  • Eyebrows shape should be soft and natural, without sharp lines and pointed unnatural fractures.
  • Eyebrows should also ideally be combined with a cut eye and brow lines correspond to the maximum arc. In nature, there are not perfectly proportional persons, so if draw the eyebrows with the calculation and make them identical to each other, it is possible to focus on the face of natural asymmetry.

In order to achieve the desired result, you couldn’t do without professional eyebrow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL, which is easy to order in our online store. On our website Kodi, you can both order an eyebrows brush in Cyprus or abroad, and to get a detailed and professional advice of a suitable model for you.

Why eyebrow brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL

Kodi company offers a universal solution for drawing the eyebrows contour, creating smooth transitions and deep shading using shadows. Brushes made of artificial fibers are indispensable for high-quality coloring eyebrows. Each hair painted over evenly due to the rigidity, and the paint does not go beyond the painted area. They are also used for a liquid or creamy cosmetic. Brushes of natural bristles designed to work with dry correctors (shadows). The main advantages of KODI PROFESSIONAL brushes:

  • Brushes are made of high quality hypoallergenic materials and do not fade and do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Laconic design and ergonomic shape of the eyebrow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL makes working with them a pleasure.
  • Practicality. KODI PROFESSIONAL brush will serve you for a very long time with proper care.
  • The bevelled shape of the eyebrow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL allows sparingly and carefully applied makeup.
  • Affordable.

Eyebrows brush KODI PROFESSIONAL - for effective results

Professional make-up master should have several kinds of eyebrows brushes in the arsenal, to make the work comfortable and quick. Each brush should be used for its intended purpose in order to achieve effective results. Eyebrows brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL presented in wide range for sale, which you can found on the Kodi website:

  • Beveled eyebrow brush KODI PROFESSIONAL is ideal if your eyebrows require minor adjustments. With its help, you can accurately apply dry correctors (shadow) and shade them for a smoky effect. After this treatment, eyebrows look natural and well groomed. This brush can be used even for drawing eyes arrows.
  • Comb or brush eyebrow used to gently comb the hair and give them the right direction.
  • Flat brush is conveniently to drawn eyebrows body; it is ideal for processing a wide dark eyebrow.

You can buy an eyebrows brush in Larnaca or abroad in several different ways to create a professional quality make-up. Among optional accessories, you can buy special covers for roomy storage and transportation of brushes 9, 17 and 33 of the compartment. Kodi company supports affordable prices on the eyebrows brushes and additional accessories, and also provides free shipping for orders over 350 UAH.

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