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The main tool for makeup is a brush

Every lady feels more confident with flawless make-up. But no matter how expensive and professional your cosmetics are. A brush for makeup - it is something without which you couldn’t do good quality make up.

Structure and purpose

Brushes for make-up consists of a handle, the hair bundle and the metal part that holds the pile reliably. Handles for brushes are manufactured with wood or plastic. Its are has different length and thickness (for ease of use). Pile for brushes can be natural (protein, goat, pony, sable and others) and artificial (nylon, acrylic). Some people believe, that natural hair better than artificial. But those who are confronted daily with the technique of applying makeup, know that everything depends on the intended use of a brush. For applying makeup means dry (shadows, powder, blush) - use a brush with natural bristles; Liquid (concealer, fluid concealer) - artificial (it is easier to clean and practically does not absorb a means). But there is a rule that is common to both types of pile - it should be flexible and securely fastened.


Makeup Brushes are divided into several types.

The basis:

  1. Brushes for the basics.
  2. For the shadows.
  3. For blush.
  4. For eyebrows.
  5. For lips.
  6. Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows.
  7. Sponge (applicator).


  1. Fan brush (to swipe dry particles).
  2. Brush for shading.
  3. For correction.
  4. To soften the contour lines.
  5. For liner and others.

Worth every type of brush may be flat, sloping or pointed. They are used in different procedures applying make-up (for example, for shading is better to use direct brush; for distinct lines (eyeliner) - Edge).

If you choose a brush for daily make-up, then you would be enough and 7-15 basic brushes, but if you do a professional make-up, without the full set you just cannot do.


If you want that a brush served for a long time while the quality was the same as after purchase, you should observe a few simple rules:

  1. Purification (wash with warm water and the shampoo not less than two times a week - ideally after each use).
  2. Disinfection (treat your tools makeup special spray for cleaning / disinfection).
  3. Proper drying (makeup brushes need to dry on a towel in a horizontal state, before it got rid of the remaining water with a paper towel) Tip: Before drying cloth to shape pile. With this simple way you get rid of such troubles, as the loss of form of the hair bundle brush.

The best way is to keep the brush in the special protective covers. Thus preserved quality brushes and facilitated their transportation if it is necessary.

Let’s experiment and excellence in make-up techniques. Be at the height, because with Kodi professional's so easy!

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