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Bag for makeup artist Kodi professional (color: pink), KODI

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Professional accessories by KODI PROFESSIONAL, well-thought-out in terms of the rational comfort, allow making the work process more organized and easy. As a rule, the masters of the beauty industry have a need to store and transport a large number of working materials and tools. KODI PROFESSIONAL offers a multifunctional organizer bag, which is ideal for both the make-up masters and for the personal use. The presented bag is made of soft, but durable synthetic material with moisture-resistant properties, which, combined with high-quality fittings, ensures a long service life. The bag allows for convenient packing of all the necessary materials with quick access to them if necessary. The number of compartments and their location allows organizing optimally the objects of different shapes and sizes.

The bag with one compartment is divided into 2 sections by a removable partition. On each side of the partition there are capacious mesh pockets with zippers. From one side on the inner wall there are 4 removable organizers with zippers, which are fastened with velcro: 2 large (28x12x8cm) and 2 small (14x12x8cm). Organizers are made of transparent vinyl. From the other side on the wall there are 3 capacious mesh pockets with zippers. The outer pocket on the front wall of the bag provides quick access to the most necessary items. On the back wall besides the pocket, there are fasteners with which the bag is securely fixed on the suitcase. Sturdy handles provide convenience when carrying.

Material: artificial leather

Color: pink

Size: 38x28x16cm

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