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Eyebrow pigment B14 (Chocolate) 10 ml

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Eyebrow pigment B14 (Chocolate) 10 ml

Color eyebrow pigments manifestations KODI PROFESSIONAL are well predict that allows permanet make -up master immediately find the right tone for a perfect result. In the production of pigments used the latest developments and hypoallergenic inorganic dye based on iron oxide - they are repeatedly tested, found to be safe for use in the beauty industry and approved for micropigmentation. They are non-toxic, contain no heavy metals, aromatic amines and other hazardous substances. All products have been tested for compatibility with the skin.

Benefits of pigment eyebrow KODI PROFESSIONAL:

  • Homogeneous distribution;
  • Cancel fixation in the skin;
  • The color intensity;
  • Fade-resistance;
  • No effect on metabolic processes.

The tone of the pigment: chocolate. For cold skin type, dark-haired, dark-brown hair. You can apply for elaboration between the ciliary century contour to stabilize the black color.

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