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Brush for gel nail modeling Oval No.3 (Handle: Black, Pile: Nylon), KODI

Price: 7.85

Brush for gel nail modeling Oval No.3 (Handle: Black, Pile: Nylon)

For convenient distribution of plastic material during the process of modeling nails, the brush bristle should hold its shape well, be elastic and sufficiently rigid - a high-quality synthetic bristle meets these criteria in the best way. The Black Artist series of professional brushes will provide convenient work with different types of modeling textures for both professionals and beginners, and will provide an excellent work result. Thanks to its compact size and oval bristle shape, the brush is incredibly convenient for laying out and distributing material around the cuticle. The brush is completed with a protective cap.

  • Purpose: modeling;
  • Shape: flat, oval;
  • Size: No. 3;
  • Pile: nylon;
  • Handle: wooden, black.
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