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Angular Nail Art Brush No.3S (Handle: Black, Bristle: Nylon) , KODI

Price: 7.30

Angular Nail Art Brush No.3S (Handle: Black, Bristle: Nylon)

Properly selected nail art brushes ensure easy execution of even the most complex design elements. The Black Artist series painting brushes are convenient for precise and accurate execution of fine lines and ornaments, volumetric painting, as well as French design. These brushes are suitable for working with different textures, for example, with gel paints or watercolors. The Angular No. 3S brush has a beveled shape of the working part, due to which it is indispensable for shaping a smile line in French modeling. It can be used as an auxiliary tool for solving other tasks in the process of nail modeling. The brush is completed with a protective cap.


  • painting Shape:
  • flat, beveled Size: No. 3S
  • Pile: nylon;
  • Handle: wooden, black.
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