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Baby Set of Mini Sponges for Make-up (3 pcs/pack), KODI

Price: 3.57

BABY SET of Mini-Sponges for Applying Make-up (3 pcs/pack)

The set includes 3 mini-sponges in a plastic case. Mini-sponge (mini-sponge, baby sponge) of a classic teardrop shape is designed for spot application and even distribution of foundation and correcting agents with a liquid, oily, creamy texture. The mini-sponge is specially designed for use in the area under the eyes, in the corners of the eyes, for working out the wings of the nose and other hard-to-reach or delicate areas. With the help of a mini-sponge, a concealer and a corrector are applied, as well as, if necessary, a foundation. Suitable for professional and home use.

The mini-sponge is distinguished by its maneuverable shape, dense porous structure and compact size. Due to this solution, this accessory allows careful working out hard-to-reach places, ensures the distribution of the product in a thin uniform layer, avoids blemishes and abrupt tone transitions.

A set of mini-sponges for applying make-up:

  • Quantity: 3 pcs;
  • Color: pink;
  • Size: 20x30 mm;
  • Material: polyurethane foam.

Method of application: wet the sponge in water and squeeze, apply a small amount of cosmetic and carefully distribute it over the skin. The density of the coating depends on the degree of moistening of the sponge: the maximum moisture allows for the product application in a thin layer, the minimum - more dense. Clean the sponge with warm water and mild detergents after each use.

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