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Curved tweezers for eyelashes extension G11, KODI

Price: 13.56

Curved Tweezers for Eyelash Extension G11

Eyelash extensions make the look deeper and more expressive, emphasize the individuality and natural beauty of a woman. For this reason, the eyelash extension service is in great demand today. The final result depends not only on the master who performs the extension, but also on the materials and tools used. KODI PROFESSIONAL eyelash and eyebrow products are well known in the Lash & Brow segment and are rightly considered one of the best on the market.

Curved tweezers G11 are intended for eyelash extensions, it is applied mainly to volume techniques. Tweezers are made of high-quality steel, differ in durability and wear resistance. The perfect grip of working edges facilitates taking the eyelashes and promotes easy formation of a bunch. The configuration of tweezers provides easy work and allows avoiding fatigue of hands at long work.

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Price: 7.48 €
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