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Eyebrow Kit Kodi professional Make-up, KODI

Price: 65.07

Eyebrow Modeling Kit

The eyebrows affect primarily the aesthetic perception of the face that is why the make-up artists pay close attention to the shape and color of the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be in harmony with the facial features and hair color. Correction and modeling of the eyebrows shape is a rather difficult task, for the qualitative solution of which it is necessary to use special cosmetic means.

KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up experts have developed a professional kit of shadows for the eyebrows correction with an optimal set of shades that are close to natural hair pigments, which ensures its versatility and irreplaceability. The kit contains 8 shades and a brush. Soft, but deep and intense shades and finely dispersed texture allow to give the eyebrows the necessary color and to model a clear and beautiful shape in a simple and quick way. A special formula ensures the durability of the product on any type of skin. This kit of shadows allows creating smooth color transitions and performing makeup of all kinds.

Professional recommendation: for the best result, use a special brush for applying the eyebrow shadows by KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up.

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