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Eyebrow Liner Dark Brown, KODI

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Eyebrow Liner Dark Brown

The final result of the make-up depends directly on the eyebrows – on correct selection of their shade and shape. The eyebrows "form" a face in the most direct sense. Elegant eyebrows make the face expressive and well-groomed, even if there is no make-up, and also make the image complete. The make-up artists pay special attention to the eyebrows when doing the make-up of any kind.

The waterproof Eyebrow Liner by KODI PROFESSIONAL Make-up allows creating a perfect eyebrows shape with impeccable contours providing a natural-volume effect. A convenient thin applicator and a semi-hard, but delicate, texture make it possible to apply the product in thin and neat strokes, like natural hairs, to perform a point correction if necessary and to control the intensity of the shade. The result of the application is maximum natural accurate eyebrows for the entire period of wearing. The liner will be convenient for sketching when performing permanent make-up of the eyebrows.

Method of application: use the liner to draw the eyebrows line, pre-aligning symmetry.

Color: Dark Brown

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