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Gel paint №62, KODI

Price: 2.20

Gel paint No. 62

Gel paint, due to its special consistency and high density of pigments, is one of the most convenient materials for the design of the nail plate. The product is designed for hand drawing on the nails and allows creating from the most simple drawings to the complex detailed patterns. KODI PROFESSIONAL gel paints do not spread, providing the necessary time for performance of all the necessary actions with high accuracy and precision.

The color palette includes more than 50 shades. Does not have a dispersion layer, can be used in combination with colored acrylics or glitter. Is ideal for drawing lace or for Chinese painting. Suitable for natural and artificial nails. Depending on the needs, can be cured in the UV lamp for 1-2 minutes, in the LED lamp from 20 seconds to 1 minute.

Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
Price: 2.20 €
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