Gel polish base and top


The presence of a beautiful smile on the face of the girl speaks not only of a good mood, but also that she is quite pleased with herself. What a pleasant thing is to look at the beautiful and well-groomed nails, which wonderfully complement your irresistible image. Without a doubt, gel nail polish is currently one of the most fashionable and sought-after services in the nail service. Gel polishes are the best that nail industry experts have been able to invent in recent years. This wonderful discovery allows you to significantly save your precious time, because now you don’t need to pay attention to your nails every day, to repaint them over and over, to tint, erase and fix nail polish. You can forget about the broken and damaged manicure when performing both home and other types of work. With your pens, you can do whatever you want without worrying about a damaged manicure. Having made your choice in favor of the Kodi gel polish, you get many advantages:

  • convenience and ease of application;
  • fast polymerization in the lamp;
  • intense color for a long time;
  • intense shine that persists until the removal procedure;
  • safety of use for the nail plate;
  • hypoallergenic and high quality materials provided by the company.

If the base under the gel polish is applied to the nails correctly, then you get a beautiful exquisite manicure for more than 20 days. At the same time color intensity, gloss of the coating is not lost; the gel polish doesn’t crack and doesn’t peel. The nail plate is protected and the nails look natural and beautiful. You don’t have to make corrections often, which significantly reduce material consumption and save your money. If you have a desire to buy a base and top for gel polish in Cyprus, download our page and get acquainted with the range of products. Prices will be a welcome surprise to you.


Before the procedure, you shouldn’t forget about the nails preparation. We are talking about manicure and pedicure, since pedicure is a hygienic procedure, and not a nail design or gel polish (especially not modeling). Kodi Style Studio gives you everything you need to make it easier to take care of your nails and make the procedures for modeling and covering the nails for you pleasant and fast.

The durability of the coating is ensured by the fact that the gel base for the Kodi Company nails is applied onto the already prepared nail plate. In order to prepare your nails for a resistant coating, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Carefully clean the nails of various oils, creams and other products that you previously used and dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Form the free edge of the nail; it should be perfectly flat and completely free of dust.
  3. Gently remove the glossy layer from the nail plate; this will avoid chipping and cracking of the coating.
  4. After that, the base for shellac is applied, it serves as the basis for gel polish and is responsible for coupling natural keratin of natural nail with artificial helium material.
  5. Apply colored polishes several times and in a very thin layer to avoid waves, bubbles and chipping.
  6. And of course, do not forget about the last finish gel that you need to dry out thoroughly. Then remove the dispersion layer to give the nails an amazing shine.


Kodi Proffesional has reached a new level of quality and availability of nail modeling and coating products. The most inexpensive way to oder the products is to buy them from our online store. The cost of goods on our site is much lower than in regular stores. To buy a base and finish for gel polish in Cyprus is not troublesome, as you can do it without leaving home. The sale is carried out online, and the delivery of goods takes place on time.

Also on our website you can buy a matte top for gel polish. You don’t have to spend your time looking for this product: just order it easily on our page. There you can see all prices and product descriptions. Kodi products will provide you with an excellent base for any kind of coating.


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