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Gel Polish № 01 AP, 7ml, KODI

Price: 4.70

Gel polish No. 01 AP, 7ml

The color of gel polish No. 01 AP is milky with black flakes, translucent. Gel polish No. 01 AP is associated with the color of the Dalmatian and guarantees you increased attention. Polymerization time of gel polish No. 01 AP: 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in an UV lamp. In this season, the effects that give the nail coating visual depth, warmth and special character are especially relevant.

The Animal Print collection of gel polishes is created using the technology that enriches the pigmented base of the gel polish with special blotches of black flakes - this creates the impression of a playful "animal" texture, which today is ideal for a trendy image. Gel polishes with original textures continue to grow in popularity, opening up unlimited possibilities for self-expression.

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