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Slider Design 4528

Product SKU: 20110253
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Slider Design 4528

Creating trendy minimalistic inscriptions on nails is a difficult task that requires special perseverance, painstaking work and a lot of time from the master. Stylish slider design 4528 by the popular brand Kodi Professional is a great alternative to hand painting, which is in no way inferior in neatness and aesthetics.

Method of application:

  1. Apply base to the nail plate and cure in a lamp.
  2. Apply white gel polish and cure in a lamp.
  3. Apply base with a sticky layer and cure in a lamp. Do not remove the sticky layer.
  4. Cut out the image according to the shape of the nail.
  5. Place the slider design face up on a cotton pad dipped in hot water.
  6. Transfer the image to the nail by sliding it onto the nail.
  7. Gently smooth the film with a tissue, pushing out any remaining water and air.
  8. Cure in a lamp.
  9. Cut off the excess film, treat the edges with a small amount of primer.
  10. Apply 2 layers of top coat. Cure each layer properly.
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