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Corundum nozzle for pedicure С207wk, KODI

Price: 2.20

C207wk Corundum Drill Bit

The C207wk corundum drill bit is designed to perform hardware pedicure procedures at a professional level. The shape of the working part is made in the form of a rounded cone, due to which the nozzle is used in delicate processing of the space between toes, side walls and shallow cracks on the soles of the feet. The long steel shank on which the corundum head is attached ensures the most accurate work, significantly reducing the level of vibration. The soft abrasive of the surface gently affects the treated surface and does not injure the skin.

Bit parameters:

  • Head diameter: 12 mm;
  • Head height: 15 mm;
  • Shank length: 35 mm.
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