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It would be perfect to relax and unwind after a hard week of work or in the evening, at the end of the working day to throw off the burden of daily problems and worries to renewed energy to fight tomorrow. there is nothing like the SPA procedures in such case, which now, thanks to Kodi Professional, you can afford not only in professional salons, but also at home.

Digression into the history

More and more often we meet the familiar abbreviation SPA on the labels of cosmetic products. Intuitively we feel that this is something good and nice, but what these letters stand for and their origin is known few of us.

Spa - a small town in Belgium, which is already more than two thousand years, is famous for its waters. There is a legend, that the soldiers of Belgium and France, which have long been at odds with each other, after the fighting became under water from the thermal springs and is regaining strength and regain the fighting spirit. Perhaps part of the story slightly embellished, but the healing properties of water and water town of Spa procedures became a living legend. To feel this whim, people go to Spa for thousands of kilometers. But you do not have to do this - because there are SPA cosmetics from Kodi.

Relaxing treatments

So what is SPA cosmetics?

  1. It are natural base products (salt, seaweed, fruit juices, natural oils).
  2. It are clears scrubs, peels, masks, aimed not only at improving the condition of the skin, but also a pleasant pastime procedure.
  3. Cream, lotions that enhance the skin, nourish, tighten and rejuvenate.
  4. It is a delightful flavor, that will return you mental and physical balance.

SPA Cosmetics from Kodi

Professional cosmetics - an affordable luxury. If you buy a set of SPA cosmetics, or certain types of cosmetics, that you can merge into a complex, a trip to the world of pleasure will wait you every evening at home . Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

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