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Antifungal Solution (Prophylactic antibacterial spray) 200 ml., KODI

Price: 13.00


Compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards and ensuring safety during procedures is a key requirement in the provision of services in the field of nail aesthetics. To ensure the required level of the skin and nails cleanliness, you need special products, the function of which is to disinfect and prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. The hand disinfectant and at the same time the means for prevention of fungal diseases of nails Antifungal Solution provides high safety of the nail procedures performance. The product is indispensable in the pedicure procedure. The modern disinfectant formula includes tolnaftate - an ingredient that is commonly used to treat fungal nail diseases. The product does not have a negative effect on nails and skin, it is compatible with other nail care products.

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