Sticky coat remover

Sticky layer remover Kodi - a product designed to remove the dispersion layer formed after polymerization (solidification) of gel and gel-polish materials in an ultraviolet lamp.

It is necessary to remove sticky layer to clean the surface of the nail to complete the procedure, as well as to apply the next layer of the coating. It is technologically required to create the proper nail design. To make it perfect, use only professional products from the manufacturer.

Cleanser Kodi Professional is represented in the catalog of our online store in 160 ml bottles of (with pump dispenser) or in 250 ml bottle.

Advantages of Kodi Cleanser

Professional liquid to remove the sticky layer from the gel prevents premature cracking, yellowing, discoloration and other damage to the gel layer. Such an effect can be given by the use of alcohol or cheap acetone, with which they are trying to replace the clincher in pursuit of savings.

The technology of using liquid to remove the sticky layer

Sticky layer remover Cleanser KODI PROFESSIONAL is used when:

  1. The removal of stickiness from gel polish or gel is needed.
  2. Dissolving the remaining dispersion layer, which accidentally fell on the hands and skin of the client or master is needed.

Technicians and teachers of Kodi Companies recommend, after drying in a UV lamp, wait a couple minutes to cool the surface of the nails and then remove the sticky layer with lint-free wipes, soaked in a sufficient amount of the special product. This ensures that the desired effect is obtained without blushing.

Using Kodi Cleanser and lint-free wipes to work, carefully remove any residue of the sticky layer. It may cause an allergic reaction. It is best to use at least two lint-free wipes moistened with a liquid to remove the dispersion on all nails. Kodi Professional's Cleanser Special Formula also allows you to apply the product between each next coat.

Where to buy liquid sticky layer remover Cleanser from KODI PROFESSIONAL?

In our online store you will get all the necessary tools and professional products made to create flawless nail design both in professional practice and at home.

We deliver in Cyprus. Our managers will select for you the necessary set of products and manicure tools, answer all questions about their properties, order conditions and delivery time.

Use only quality products and your nails will always look perfect!


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